Real Estate Media Marketing

Real Estate Media Marketing

Matterport 3D Scans and Models give prospective buyers the ability to view and walk through the property from the comfort of their home or office.

A ScanDimensions representative will arrange to meet you at the property. It takes anywhere from one to two hours to complete the scan, depending on the size and layout. The property should be fully staged, just as if a traditional photographer was coming to take stills of the home. Once complete, it can take anywhere from 12 – 24 hours to process the data and generate the model. If you would like us to extract photographs, expect a 48 – 72 hour turnaround.

A link to the 3D model, photographs and optional video walk-through will be delivered to you for use on your own site, or we can create a separate page at to host your assets.

Custom hosting solutions are available upon request.

3D Models

A Matterport 3D Scan from ScanDimensions will help you win more listings, generate more multiple offers and shorten the buy cycle.

Schematic Floor Plans

Accurate Schematic Floor Plans generated from your 3D Scan.

Stunning Photography

High-resolution, wide-screen photographs taken directly from the 3D model.

Web Site and Single Listings Site Development

Upgrade your web presence. Whether a full site or single listing page, our web developers have the experience to find the right solution for you.

Video Walkthroughs

Video Walk-throughs of the 3D model provide an interactive view of the property.

Long Term Hosting

If you need to save your 3D Scans and Model Homes long term, we have a secure solution for you.

Matterport 3-D Showcase

Your ScanDimensions experience begins with a Matterport 3D Scan of the property. We capture specialized scans of the entire property, or rooms that you designate, and merge them together into a single, cohesive model. We provide a code to add the model to your site and a link to our player that contains all of your assets.

Visit to view a sample of our model and photo viewer.

Stunning Photography

A Matterport 3D Scan and Tour from can include up to 25 photographs taken on site and extracted from the camera. Our photos look superb and can be formatted to work with your specific MLS.

Video Tour

A 3D Video Tour is a unique way to guide prospective buyers throughout the property. We use the same technology that powers our 3D Tours to move from room to room, highlighting the property’s best features.

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