Featured Scan Week of July 27th

Featured Scan Week of July 27th

This week’s featured home is in Arlington Heights, IL, and listed with Kathy Barkulis.

The exposed brick was the first feature to catch my eye when entering the home. I’ve always been a sucker for exposed brick, so it immediately became my favorite room. My second favorite feature was the sunroom with a hot tub, with the attached and lower-level room including a small bar.

Like many homes in the suburbs, this one is a split level allowing its 1,500 square feet of space to seem much larger. This too, however, can sometimes mean that more scans are needed.

The Matterport 3-D imaging camera creates the models by stitching the images together as it moves throughout the space. This means the camera needs to be placed close to the last one so it can “see” the images from the previous scan. Smaller homes typically need more scans that are closer together as the home’s rooms may be smaller, but still have the same amount of furniture. Open-concept homes have less to differentiate, therefore requiring less scans.

It may seem easy, but working the camera and creating scans requires tact. I’ve done nearly 20 homes now and have learned new things from each home. I also get the opportunity to learn what I like about interior home design and what I don’t like. 111 N. Kennicott had a lot of character, and that’s what made me choose it as this week’s featured scan.

Until next week!


P.S. Don’t the ferns near the entryway remind you of The Brady Bunch?